Magento Community Edition

Magento Community Edition is open source software and can be downloaded for free. Developers can modify the core code and add features and functionality by installing extensions from the Magento Connect marketplace.

Businesses using Community Edition to run their stores will want to have access to their own Magento experts, since Magento does not provide technical support for this software. Answers to many technical questions are available on our user forum.

Small businesses that prefer to have access to technical support and a more comprehensive feature set should consider Magento Go, our "commerce in the cloud" solution. Mid-large size businesses that need support, additional features and our best performance should consider Magento Enterprise Edition.

Full Release

  • This is the latest stable release of the Magento Community Edition. Learn More »

    ver - Added Sept. 25, 2013   


  • The downloader will install the latest Magento version

    ver - Added April 6, 2012   

Sample Data

  • Must be installed prior to the basic Magento Installation. Learn More »

    ver - Added October 26, 2011   

Database Repair Tool

  • The Database Repair Tool compares 2 databases (reference and target), and updates the target database so it has the same structure as the reference database. Learn More »

    ver 1.1 - Added April 6, 2012   

Magento and Zend Server - Unified Installer

  • Download a complete stack of Magento bundles with Zend Server and see just how easy it is to break away from the starting line. Learn More »

    ver 1.0.0 - Added November 9, 2009   

Magento Test Automation Framework

  • Magento Test Automation Framework allows you to test your deployment, develop tests for your websites and contribute to the community Learn More »